• Ribbon Cutting Guidelines


    Host a Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting with the Olney Chamber of Commerce – We’ve got the BIG scissors, ribbon and confetti ready to go! 

    If you are a new business and wish to have a grand opening celebration and/or ribbon cutting, the Chamber would love to help coordinate. Getting your business up and running is your first priority. 

    When should you consider hosting a Ribbon Cutting Event?

    • Grand Opening of your business/organization (or within 3 months of opening).
    • Major Renovations 
    • Relocation
    • New Branding and/or New Initiatives
    • Milestone Anniversaries
    • New Ownership of Business

    How to host a Ribbon Cutting:

    ​​Check with Olney Chamber of Commerce to plan the date so we don't have any conflicting events. Give yourself 3-5 weeks to plan the ceremony and to get on the calendars of the people you want to attend. If your new space is still being finished, wait until you're certain when the new space really will be finished before you plan your ribbon cutting. Don't take the contractor's word for it. Many things are out of his control, including when his vendors will actually deliver.  


    Let us know if there are certain elected officials you want to attend so that we can reach out to them. Having them in attendance makes your business and your news look more important. Make sure there's nothing else going on that day in the town, because that could pull attendees away from your event. Decide on the style of event you’d like to have: wine & cheese, ice cream sundae social, etc…there are lots of ways to celebrate!

    You provide the refreshments/decorations and we invite the city officials and dignitaries and communicate your event announcement. To see examples of Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, visit our Instagram Highlights on our Instagram profile @olneychamber.


    • Email an invitation to our Board of Directors, and/or the full chamber membership 
    • Email an invitation to the appropriate elected officials and community leaders
    • Promote the event on Facebook (@olneychamberMD) and Instagram (@olneychamber)
    • Post the event to the Event Calendar at OlneyMD.org
    • Provide the ceremonial big scissors, ribbon, and confetti cannon
    • Photography at the event for post-social media promotion
    • Choose a staff member to speak at the event on behalf of the Chamber 


    • Coordinate the date and time with the Chamber. Thursdays at 4 p.m. seems to work well, as it allows  for dignitaries and officials to attend at the end of their workday. The Chamber does not hold ribbon cutting events on the weekend.
    • We strongly recommend that you provide refreshments for guests to enjoy following the event.
    • Promote the event on your social media.
    • Invite your family, friends, staff, and customers. This is your event!


    1. Give yourself plenty of preparation time; 3-4 weeks’ lead time is suggested to get on the calendars of elected officials and others.

    2. Keep in touch with the chamber as your plans progress and if you have any questions. 

    3. Keep in mind that people typically wait until the last minute to RSVP and will sometimes show up without registering at all. 

    4. Consider using balloons or signage outside to help attendees locate the building/event, and create a festive atmosphere. Recommended Chamber member vendors are below, as well as on our website or by contacting us:

                The Party Place, contact Jennifer Brown-Agyepong, (240) 654-4036

               Ballroom Balloons, contact Stan Rosen, (301) 652-5444 

    5. Have plenty of brochures, business cards, handouts, or promotional items available to help attendees get to know and remember your business. There are a number of Chamber members that can assist you with items, please let us know if you need a contact.

    6. Consider allowing a chance for guests to tour your new space or provide entertainment of some kind.

    7.  Please make sure there is adequate parking. If not, please let the Chamber know where guests should park so that information can be included in the invitation.


    • The Chamber Executive Director will start by welcoming everyone and introduce  the VIPs in attendance.
    • You will say a few words thanking everyone for coming and you may wish to speak a bit about your business, your staff, etc.
    • Each VIP will present their certificate or proclamation to you and you will pose for pictures.
    • The Chamber will get you set up in a photo ready spot for the actual ribbon cutting with scissors and confetti
    • We’ll count to 3 and PRESTO! You’ll cut the ribbon!
    • Then, we’ll eat, drink and be merry, celebrating your accomplishment!