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    For over 50 years, the Olney Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to the support, promotion, and representation of its member’s business interests.  The greater Olney-Sandy Spring area,
     located just outside Washington, DC in Montgomery County, is recognized nationwide as Maryland’s top location in combining family, business and leisure.

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  • 2019 Olney Chamber of Commerce Scholarships

    Each year Scholarships are presented to local graduating High School students.
    The number of awards are based solely on the amount of donations received.
    - Olney Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: $1,500 (minimum)*
    - ATHENA Scholar: $1,500 (minimum)
    - Officer Leotta "Act Responsibly Scholarship" $2,500 (minimum)*
    * larger and/or multiple awards based on total donations
    ‚ÄčIf you would like to contribute to these scholarships click Here.
    2019 Supporters
    Royal Level
    * Brooke Grove Retirement Village *
    Platinum Level
    * Graeves Auto & Tire  *
    Gold Level
    * Olney Sunoco *

    Silver Level
    * Emmyrich "Richie" Vicente (PNC Bank) *

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        Police Officer Noah Leotta "Act Responsibly Scholarship"

         After his tragic death in December 2015, the Olney Chamber of Commerce established a scholarship fund to commemorate the life and passion of Police Officer Noah Leotta. The Chamber proudly donated $500.00.
         A $2,500 "ARS" award was presented in June 2016. Last year, the scholarship totaled $4,000. To continue, and perhaps expand this program, the Olney Chamber asks residents and businesses in the greater Olney area, and throughout Montgomery County, for their support.
    To read more, and for information on how to donate, click HERE