About Us




    The mission of the Olney Chamber of Commerce is to support, promote, and represent the business interests of its members, and assist them when working with and supporting the greater Olney community. 


    The Olney Chamber of Commerce has the following objectives:

    • To promote the interest of the business community through public awareness campaigns.
    • To enhance economic development by supporting existing commercial enterprises and encouraging new business endeavors.
    • To serve as an effective advocate for legislation and government on issues which are beneficial to the Olney business community.
    • To examine, support and act upon issues of importance to the community.
    • To respond to the needs of its members and to serve as a resource.
    • To foster the spirit of cooperation and understanding between all segments of the community.
    • To acknowledge the accomplishments of, and honor the outstanding contributions made by, member businesses and their employees.
    In the heart of Olney, Maryland, ranked by Money Magazine as one of America’s Best Places to Live, with community newspaper and events.