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    U.S. Chamber Supports New Update to Overtime Salary Threshold
    In late September, the U.S. Department of Labor issued its final regulation adjusting the overtime salary threshold to $684 per week / $35,568 per year.  The new threshold makes no changes to the duties test, and does not provide for automatic updates in future years. 

    In response, the U.S. Chamber issued a statement praising the Department of Labor’s work.  “The new threshold will preserve the flexibility enjoyed by millions of salaried employees that allows them to adjust their schedules to accommodate parental and family obligations.  At the same time, this new level means those employees whose duties make them eligible for overtime will remain so.” said U.S. Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Workplace Policy Marc Freedman.

    During the previous administration, there was an attempt to implement a far more aggressive increase in the threshold.  That proposal would have forced employers to reclassify large numbers of their employees to hourly wage workers, regardless of the duties they were performing.  This was the basis for a federal judge striking down that threshold in a legal challenge led by the U.S. Chamber.  

    International Junior Miss Maryland 2020 Pageant
    Megan Barrett, an Olney Native, is competing in the International Junior Miss Maryland 2020 Pageant. The Pageant encourages positive achievement in self-awareness in young women around the state. Megan is seeking your assistance as a sponsor for the upcoming pageant that will be held January 17-19, 2020 at the Frederick Event Center in Frederick, Maryland. If you are interested in sponsoring Megan, or for more information, please message her at meganmarie0807@gmail.com. See her full letter of explanation here