• Organization & Committees


    Membership Committee:

    The membership committee is responsible for member recruitment and retention, creating member benefit initiatives, developing membership package content, welcoming new members, and greeting members at Chamber events.

    Legislative Committee:

    The legislative committee tracks local, state, and national policies, assesses their impact on business in the Greater Olney area, generates appropriate Chamber response as required, and coordinates interactive programs among members, legislators and the community.

    Programs Committee:

    The programs committee gathers topics for programs that may be of interest to Chamber members, helps schedule speakers, and coordinates program dates.

    Community Relations Committee:

    The community relations committee solicits members to volunteer at community events, and raises awareness of the Chamber’s role in the community.

    Business Development Committee:

    The business development committee works with the programs committee, National Night Out Chair, & Community Night Chair to coordinate events, and promotes opportunities for commercial growth in the Greater Olney Area.

    Communications Committee:

    The communications committee oversees publications, social media content, promotion of events, and coordination of press releases with local media.

    Scholarship Committee:

    The scholarship committee is responsible for advertising scholarship availability, solicitation of donations, fundraising, and review of applicants to select the recipient(s).

    Crime Prevention Committee:

    The crime prevention committee maintains contact with the local police department to update the Chamber on local crime and how businesses can better protect themselves.

    Nominating Committee:

    Each year, the nominating committee creates the slate of nominees for open Officer and Director positions to be made available for full Chamber membership voting.

    Satellite Station Liaison:

    The satellite station liaison is the primary point of contact for the police and volunteers that work at the Satellite Station when issues arise with the station. They are also responsible for Satellite Station fundraising.

    Olney Town Center Advisory Committee Liaison:

    The OTCAC liaison is a Chamber member on the OTCAC, and reports about OTCAC meetings.

    Greater Olney Civic Association Liaison:

    The GOCA liaison represents the Chamber Board at the GOCA meetings.

    Special Programs:

    National Night Out Chair (NNO):

    National Night Out is an annual crime prevention & police awareness event that takes place the first Tuesday in August. The Chair oversees committee meetings and runs the event.

    Community Night:

    Community Night is the Chamber’s annual Business Expo that takes place on Columbus Day each Fall at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. The Chair oversees committee meetings and runs the event.