• MD Chamber Fights Proposed $250M Tax Increase

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    January 07, 2021
    6,000 Marylanders say “No new taxes”
    We’re proud to share that more than 6,100 Marylanders have signed the Marylanders For Tax Fairness petition – all committed to stopping another tax on our state’s job creators at the worst possible time. 
    Getting Maryland legislators to change their minds on this issue is critical, but we have to keep up the pressure to let them know that legislation that will increase costs for every single person and business that advertises services online—from the smallest mom-and-pop to the largest corporation, is unacceptable.
    ICYMI: A recent piece in The Washington Post said the legislature’s attempt to institute a digital ad tax is tantamount to “taxing into the wind.” – read here
    The best way to ensure Governor Hogan's veto is upheld, and stop this tax, is to make your voice heard by lawmakers and amplified to the public.
    Here are three things you can do right now to take action:
    1. Sign the petition if you haven’t and encourage others to do so:

    2. Join the coalition and add your company name/logo to Marylanders For Tax Fairness's coalition page by filling out this quick and easy form:
    3. Share your support / encourage others to do the same on social media
    Together we can stop this $250 million tax and give Marylanders the opportunity they deserve to market and sell their services without being unfairly taxed in the process.
    Now more than ever, the voices of Maryland’s job creators are critical.
    Send A Message To Legislators In Annapolis
    That It's A Bad Time For A Bad Idea. 

    Learn more here:  https://www.marylandtaxfairness.org/ 

    For more information, please contact Ashley Duckman at 
    aduckman@mdchamber.org or (410) 269-0642 ext. 1112.