• Getting Your Employees Vaccinated

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    January 22, 2021
    Getting Your Employees Vaccinated

    Over the next few months, some of your employees will likely start receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. You’re going to need to know if, when, and how that’s happening.

    Tread carefully. That knowledge could affect hourly schedules, work locations, and even your decision to reopen an office or re-sign a lease. It also could open you up to massive liability issues. Consider the nature of the U.S. vaccine rollout: According to the Centers for Disease Control, the first round of vaccine distribution is designated for essential workers, health care professionals, and people with high-risk medical conditions. By asking employees who are not essential workers or health care professionals to specify when they got a vaccine, you may inadvertently reveal a disability or an underlying health condition.

    Keep it simple, legal experts say: Avoid pushing for any information beyond questions related to the essential functions of the job. Asking why someone declined a vaccine, for example, could force that employee to reveal a medical condition or religious exemption--which could make you subject to a possible discrimination case down the road. And under President Biden’s new vaccine rollout plan, you could find yourself having these conversations sooner rather than later.

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