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    About Us

    Olney Home for Life (OHFL) is an all-volunteer, no-fee organization designed to assist senior residents in the Greater Olney area including Olney, Brookville, Ashton, Sandy Spring, North East Rockville, northwest Burtonsville to age in their homes. OHFL provides seniors with Transportation, Friendly Calls and pick up of pre-paid groceries and pharmaceuticals. We enable a community where neighbors help seniors.

    OHFL’S TRANSPORTATION services help seniors get to the hospital, to the store, to a doctor’s appointment, or a social gathering with about a 10 to 15 mile radius of downtown Olney. Call 301-446-2512 to request a ride.
    When calling make sure to leave your name, address, phone number and email (if you use one) with our operators. It is best if you give us a week’s notice before your anticipated ride. Our scheduler will get back to you as soon as the ride has been scheduled and to verify the details.

    OHFL offers pick up for pre-paid groceries and pharmaceutical supplies.

    OHFL’S FRIENDLY CALLS PROGRAM provides free, friendly phone calls daily to Olney area seniors. For people living alone, the service provides at least one brief social contact during the day. For others, the phone call provides reassurance that someone has checked in on them that day. Please note that this is a social call only and is not a substitute for a telemedicine provider, medical alert or counseling service.
    Seniors or their caregivers can contact us at 301-446-2512 to enroll in this program. Friendly Calls Program participants need to provide basic information to register for the program, including names of emergency contacts so that volunteers and staff may have information in case a problem requires follow up. The participant must be willing to provide this information and to accept and participate in phone calls.

    OHFL depends on dedicated volunteers to deliver services. Volunteering has many benefits and it is the easiest way to have your spirits lifted. You can help make a difference in a senior’s life.
    We Need Volunteers
    Call 301-446-2512 to become an OHFL volunteer today