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    About Us

    Small Business and Executive Programs & Workplace Solutions: Your small business’s ONE stop for integrated employee, development and marketing strategies and implementation.

    We know your business is important to you, your family and community. Let us provide solutions to help you operate smoothly and grow productivity and revenue – giving you time to lead your business and live your life the way you want.

    Recruiting and Staffing:
    Assessing staffing needs, organization structure, function development, recruitment, hiring and placement (temporary to full-time), training.

    Retention Strategies:
    Employee Engagement, Communication, Culture
    Assessments and strategies for internal communication, employee interaction, leadership behaviors, culture.

    Marketing, Public Relations:
    A full range of expert, audience-focused media relations, executive visibility, thought leadership programs, social media, events and customer experience programs.

    Branding and Image:
    Logos, taglines, website and promotional material design, mission and vision statements – these all are your brand and must be integrated and consistent across all social media, media and interpersonal communication platforms.

    Leadership Coaching:
    Be the best boss you can be to create an ethical and productive workplace, engage and keep your employees, and present your best self to your teams and your clients.

    Vision and Mission:
    One-on-one and team/group work to reach full agreement on your organization’s vision (your ultimate business goal) and mission (the meaning behind your existence). This will help you stand out in your marketplace.