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      CCG has developed a suite of software products integrated with CCG's Phen a Strong Artificial Intelligence. Phen offers, not only machine learning, but also provides KRRA (A Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Action System). Phen does provides both supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities. Phen enhances these with Knowledge Discovery. Phen writes code and executes them.

      Phen is designed for Intrusion Detection and Prevention in a real time, continouse monitoring and alerting system. Phen is designed to provided human like actions and reaction at computer speed. Phen does not sleep and is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      CCG's Phen the AI is providing cyber security protection from inside out, end point protection and IP address protection solution.

      CCG has a proven history in assisting its Federal and commercial clients (e.g., National Archive, Census bureau, the Department of State, Intelligence Community, and the Department of Commerce) to implement strategic systems in a timely and effective manner. Our certified engineering and software development experts have the necessary breadth of experience to help our clients analyze, design, and develop systems that mitigate risk.

      Suite of available software product:

      Provides constant monitoring of network traffic using tools such as NETFLOW or NTOP. Will detect any out-of-profile traffic patterns and generate network traffic data for an easy read GUI based dashboard. An innovative approach to network protection providing an inside-out approach going beyond the current perimeter defense models in use today. Enabling security to solidify the traditionally soft interior of the network from internal threats.

      SLA: Provides a repository for logs from many systems. This allows for correlations to be generated from different log sources.

      It provides the best available vulnerability scanning of devices, servers and applications conforming to NIST and DHS standards. It will proactively scan a device using tools such as
      OpenVAS to determine if there are any known vulnerabilities on the device. Provides a detailed report of the scan results with links to NIST vulnerability information bases.

      Provides constant monitoring of devices within a network: both end systems and intermediate systems. Establishes a base line of operation and then periodically scans for any changes of the baseline from both a hardware, OS and services perspective. Cognoscenti will generate a detailed report outlining any deviations from the baseline. These changes include minute about users, processes, applications, and line-by-line file changes to configurations, code, and scripts.